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Verksted: Velkommen til filmopptak!

Har du lyst til å være med på en helt rå film hvor flerkulturelle ungdommer får si hva de mener til alle som bærer på fordommer?

Agenda X and Antirasist Center will make a short film for social media. We make the film together with the film company Kubrix. 

Elisabeth Hatzimarkos from Kubrix will lead the workshop. She will start with some exercises that will make everyone relax and feel inspired and prepare everyone to talk in front of the camera. She is very good at her.

Then we will make a recording of a short conversation with each individual. Elisabeth will ask each other questions about belonging, racism and prejudice, so everyone gets the opportunity to come up with her thoughts. Once the recordings are complete, the movie company will find the best each one said and edit it together for a fantastic movie. 

Some youngsters have already been to a workshop and we have taken care of all the good things you have written. This day you get the chance to record these sentences - or anything else you want to say. 

Everyone who participates will of course see the movie before it's published and can decide if you're happy. Nothing is published without your participation as it seems ok. 

You must be over 18 years old, and not older than 30. There will of course be pizza.

We hope you will join this with us! Please send an email to Namra if you want to join: