Tilskudd til demokratiprosjekter


EIDHR – Campaign 4 is divided into 2 separate LOTs

-Lots 1 : Combating racism and Xenophobia and Promoting the Rights of People belonging to Minorities

-lots 2 : Promoting the rights of indigenous peoples


-lots1: Support to advocacy to realise the rights of persons facing discrimination on grounds of religious, racial, ethnic or caste background

-lots 2: Raising public awareness of the situation and living conditions of indigenous peoples, and promoting knowledge and understanding of their rights, in particular the right to live on their own land and to own property

Financed actions:

Lots 1

-providing assistance in eliminating discrimination through the application of legal and administrative remedies, lobbying for changes in law and administrative practices, as well as awareness-raising activities on the issue of discrimination against minorities and caste-affected communities

Lots 2:

-Raising public awareness of the situation and living conditions of indigenous peoples

Promoting knowledge and understanding of their rights

-Capacity building,

-Support for the preparation and activities of indigenous peoples’ representatives

-Promoting the establishment of networks of non-state organisations and indigenous organisations


EU Member States and EEA, developing countries, other country under conditions.

Who can apply: Associations – Development NGOs – Universities

More information: