Refugees in Danmark


Denmark has now become a transit country rather than a final destination for refugees seeking asylum. The Government’s harsh immigration legislation led to just 598 people applying for refuge in the first two months of this year, compared to nearly 5,500 in Sweden and around 2,500 in Norway during the same period. Both the Red Cross and the immigration authorities claim that the majority of refugees arriving in this country have been smuggled here by professional people traffickers.

Highly educated immigrants, unable to gain employment that matches their qualifications, are fleeing Denmark in droves. A recent TV documentary reported that 500 highly qualified immigrants have left the country within the past year to seek their fortunes in countries such as the US, Canada, or the UK. Only 14 per-cent of highly qualified foreign immigrants in this country currently have a job where they can utilise their education. The other 86 percent are either unemployed, or employed in menial tasks such as cleaning or driving a taxi. A labour market spokesman said that the distressing figures should set the alarm bells ringing, because Denmark will be in dire need of qualified workers in the near future.

(Source:The Copenhagen Post)