The departure of a warlord (Liberia)

Since launching a bush rebellion in 1989 and becoming president in 1997, Taylor has been accused of deepening Liberia's chaos and fomenting conflicts in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

Investigators target neo-nazi group

Norway's domestic police intelligence unit PST has grown increasingly concerned about the recruiting and growth of the neo-Nazi group called Vigrid.

Libya: US may help destroy weapons

The United States is assessing whether to help Libya destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons. The operation could cost over $100 million (£57.5m).

Mandela’s ex-wife goes to jail

Winnie, once known as the Mother of the Nation will serve eight months of her sentence in prison, after which she would be required to do community service, Magistrate Peet Johnson said in the Pretoria Regional Court

Al-Qaeda group claims Riyadh blast

An extremist group with links to al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's suicide bombing in the Saudi capital of Riyadh that killed at least four people and injured 148.

11 June 2003

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Iraq: UK troops to leave next year

Accoding to Iraq's president, Jalal Talabani, British troops could leave Iraq by the end of next year.

Australia essential in Iraq: US

Australia's military presence in Iraq is essential, Deputy US Secretary of State Richard Armitage has said in the wake of the Opposition's pledge to pull troops out by Christmas if it wins the election.

School exclusions increase in England

New figures from the Department for Education and Skills show that Black Caribbean children are still three times more likely than White children to be permanently excluded from school in England.

UN: Iraq charter change condemned

Iraq's electoral law has been changed in a way that will make it harder for Iraqis to reject the draft constitution. The United Nations has criticised these changes.