Racial Intermarriages as the a response against racism

In human reproduction each of the parents contributes half the genetic material responsible for inheritance.Ideally when these parents are not blood relatives, the result should be a normal offspring.

In human reproduction each of the parents contributes half the genetic material responsible for inheritance.
Ideally when these parents are not blood relatives, the result should be a normal offspring.

In the case of incest, the resultant offspring is likely to be weak and have a higher chance of developing inheritable diseases, which may not have shown themselves in either of the parents.

In many countries, incest is no longer practiced even among royalty who used to claim that it preserved their”superior”blood.

Cloning, where a single cell is taken from one individual and developed into a single offspring has been hailed as an alternative to the normal reproductive process. In this, unique abilities will be preserved and multiplied in adequate numbers unlike what is usual in the normal reproduction.
A cell taken from a 50-year-old however will behave old; with the offspring quickly suffering the ravages of old age like age-related cancers.

This, then, opens the thinking that people from different ethnic-racial communities, on interbreeding, will lead to an offspring with improved ability.

Normally, parents tend to look to their offspring as a way to carry their abilities to another generation. They look upon resemblance as a pointer to such abilities.
A half-cast therefore, is neither black nor white but something between.

It known that Black color is due to large amounts of dark pigment in the skin known as melanin. The pigments protect the skin against the negative effects of the sun and are also useful in the production of vitamin D that helps the absorption of calcium into bones, making them strong. The Lack of those vitamin D leads to weak bones. Hence a black person is well adapted to the tropical sun, a White person are better adapted to areas far away from the tropics. When expose abusively to the tropics sunshine, they suffer sunburns and cancers of the skin.

A hybrid, on the other hand, has the advantage of surviving well in both areas.
What makes a person depends on his genetic make up and the environment where he lives in.

The cultural environment is important in shaping one’s character. It is not surprising that mixed cultural marriages may just serve to add more confusion to the offspring’s resultant cultural practices. Many folks complain that the half-casts are aggressive probably due to this confusion.
From the evolution point of view, racial interbreeding is a good thing since it ensures genetic diversity unlike in incest or cloning.

This will therefore ensure that more robust beings will result into greater ability to adapt to the changing worldwide environments.

In terms of some inheritable diseases, half-casts are better adapted. This is because of the wide variation in the genetic make-up they acquire. For example, Blacks are more prone to sickle cell anemia than Whites. But their half-cast offspring, just like the Whites, will have less sickle cell anemia prevalence.

The white supremacists prefer to say that there is no advantage in racial intermarriages. That it will dilute their race.
The Blacks, who carry an inferiority complex however, prefer to think that their half-cast offspring are at least an improvement not just in color terms but also in many unique abilities that the Whites purportedly have to them.
The fact that racial intermarriages bring together people of different races is a welcome weapon in the fight against racism.