Four die in Saudi car bomb blasts


“The number of wounded reached 148, including 38 expatriates. Of those, 103 have left hospital and 45 remain there, three among whom are in a critical condition,” the statement said.

An initial toll from police and hospital sources put the number of dead at eight and wounded at 113.

The two car bombs were parked near the building, a police official told The Associated Press, adding that “a number of charred bodies” were carried away from the scene.

Among the wounded were police, some in critical condition, and at least three children.

Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah visited the wounded, one of them a young man who was unconscious and on a respirator. The prince stopped at the bedside of another young man who appeared alert and had no obvious injuries. A third wounded man wore camouflage.

“Your duty is our pride. God will help us to defeat these people,” Abdullah told one of the injured.