North Korea borders on ungrateful


Late yesterday communist authorities – suspicious about whom they should accept help from – agreed to limited aid from Russia.

A plane carrying 13 tons of medicine, 54,000 units of blood transfusion equipment, 60 10-person tents, 25 30-person tents and 1000 blankets took off for the impoverished region.

Video released by the United Nations showed patients squeezed two to a bed in shabby hospitals, with compresses over their eyes and facial injuries from being struck by a wave of oil, chemicals, glass, rubble and heat.

The US will contribute $137,400 for a start and has said it’s willing to provide medical supplies, equipment and a team of specialists if asked.

The Red Cross launched an emergency appeal on Monday for $1.7 million in aid for victims.

Neighbouring China dispatched truckloads of tents, blankets and food across its border over the weekend – but North Korea’s border with South Korea remained sealed.

At least 161 people were killed and 1300 others were injured in the devastating train explosion last Thursday.