Sult, demokrati og media

Hunger, democracy and the media

Speakers: John Matshikiza (South Africa) and Sarah Chiumbu (Zimbabwe)

Chair: Helge Rønning

What is the relationship between democracy, freedom of speech and hunger?
What are the empirical evidences from the current hunger situation in Africa
on the role of the media in relation to hunger? And what about the
international media?

The UN World Food Program has warned that up to 38 million Africans face
hunger in 2003. The Nobel Prize winner in Economics (1998), Amarty Sen, has
suggested that there will not be hunger in a democracy. Because of the
freedom of expression/of the press, the media will report on early signs of
hunger, and the government will have to take action. “Indeed, as a country
like Zimbabwe ceases to be a functioning democracy, its earlier ability to
avoid famines in very adverse food situations (for which Zimbabwe had an
excellent record in the 1970s and 1980s) becomes weakened. A more
authoritarian Zimbabwe is now facing considerable danger of famine.” he
writes in The Observer, June 2002.

There will be two introductions, before an open debate: Mr. Matshikiza will
talk about the role of the international media in the current
hunger-situation in Africa and Ms. Chiumbu will talk about the situation in
About the speakers:

Helge Rønning: Professor at the Institute for Media and Communication,
University of Oslo,

John Matshikiza: journalist and editor from Mail & Guardian, South Africa,

Sarah Chiumbu: director of the Harare-section of MISA (Media Institute of
Southern Africa)

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