Somalia: Truce go wrong in capital

Heavy fighting resumed in Somalia's capital following a ceasefire, with almost 100 dead and hundreds more wounded in the clashes.

An alliance of warlords and an Islamist militia have fought each other over the past four days in northern districts.

Islamic militia leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed called a unilateral truce on Tuesday in response to appeals from those affected by the violence, but his opponents said the truce was called because of a lack of ammunition.

The United Nations has appealed to both sides to halt the clashes.

The warlords’ alliance spokesman Hussein Gutale Rageh said they would only accept the ceasefire if their rivals withdrew from territory they have occupied during the fighting.

This is the second round of the city’s most serious fighting in a decade. In March, clashes between the two sides killed at least 90 people.

Source: BBC News