Nigerian Footballer appeals to Fifa

Former Nigeria international Adewale Ogungbure has appealed to Fifa to use the World Cup to combat the scourge of racism.

The 24-year-old, who plays for German fourth division side FC Sachsen Leipzig, has been the frequent target of racist abuse from fans since joining the club last year.

Ogungbure hopes the staging of the World Cup finals in Germany will provide Fifa with the opportunity to crack down on racist fans.

“Now that all these nations are coming to Germany, to play together as one, this is the time to make clear that humanity and respect for others are part of the game,” Ogungbure said.

Having been pelted with bananas and greeted with loud monkey chants when he steps on to the pitch, Ogungbure admitted that coping with the horrendous treatment has taken its toll on him.

“I am human, I am not an animal or a bimbo. I like my job, I want to play football but that’s just got nothing to do with the game any more,” Ogungbure told the Reuters news agency.

BBC News