The world and it’s terror


As 6,000 people perished in the September 11th attacks in the meantime more than 35,000 children worldwide died of hunger. To forward human security and control terrorism, we must not only to rely on cruelty of the September 11th attacks and plunged in the lowest level of intolerability. one billion people worldwide struggle to survive on $1 a day, that more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and that 3 billion people have inadequate access to sanitation, we must not tolerate such situations. To reduce the level of pollution, fear, and poverty in the world that must be our response on eradicating terrorism.

It was estimated that an additional $9 billion is necessary to provide clean water and sanitation for everyone on earth (1998, the United nations Development Program); $12 billion, to cover reproductive health services for all women worldwide. Another $13 billion to give every person on earth enough food to eat but also basic health care. An additional $6 billion could provide basic education for all. Combined this number reach up to $40 billion – – only one fifth as much as the $200 billion the U.S. government agreed in October 2001 to pay Lockheed to build new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) jets.

If we were really dedicated to eradicate hunger, to provide clean water, to defeat infectious diseases, to combat illiteracy, and to provide right dwelling for all men? Then we will understand that there is no really justification in going to hunter terrorists in their hole as long as the basic human needs of the majority of the humanity are not met?”