Are there genocides in Norway?


Since 1994 Rwanda has never got relieved from the Genocide. That catastrophe has produces many consequences and repercussions in the Great-Lakes Region. Countries as Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, or R.D.Congo compose the Region. both implicated since 1994 in one of the most deadly conflict of the century in which million have perished.

Adversaries in the Conflicts have justified the atrocities by presenting to the world the right to defend themselves against aggressions. However fighting were done at thousand of kilometres from their respectively borders.

Consequences are relevant when; we observe people displacement in that region. Those countries are really generators of refugees and displaced. In Case of Rwanda, since the new regime ceased the power, some intellectuals and politicians in exile argued that the Genocide never been stopped. Accusing the regime of tyrannical, and bloodily. Everyday people fly the country for safety in neighbouring countries particularly in Uganda. Rwanda and Uganda have accused each other of supporting enemies and other armed group hostile from both to regimes.

Nowadays, Rwanda’s authorities have added many countries on the black list in which( according to unofficial sources but official) Norway is included, supposed to have given asylum to groups hostile to the regime. We have to notice that since 1994, Kagame’s Regime have survived by suppressing freedom and democracy. That situation has entrained much defection in his government, army and intellectuals. But in the case of Norway, we have too remark that most of the Rwandans in the country are students, which have fled the brutality of Kagame’s own regime .

“Adamon, a student resettle in Norway argued that the regime does not respect its students and the young generation”. He said that student are kidnapped, enrolled by force and transferred immediately in D.R.Congo for fighting. Most the exiled intellectual find insane this regime and lament why the western world have supported a bloodily and tyrannical regime? And hope to see one day, Kagame and his bloodily acolytes to respond for their crime before an impartial international court.