Europeans Forces in D.R.Congo


200 British soldiers will to be sent to the Democratic
Republic of Congo as part of a deployment of United Nations’ troops. in August the troops will be ready to reinforce the existing UN contingent.

Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman said when interviewed by BBC News the international community had been “distracted by Iraq” but must now turn its attention to the Congo.

As rivalries has become more bloody because the Ituri district is famous for it reserve of gold. Neighbouring countries as Rwanda or Uganda involved in the civil war are feedinding the war by arming militias.

Clashes around Bunia erupted soon after Ugandan forces withdrew from Bunia about two weeks ago, as part of
the peace deal in DR Congo.
A party of French military observers contested officially by Rwanda, is now in Bunia to prepare the possible deployment of a multi-national force.
France has asked to lead this force and provide a battalion with up to 1,000 troops.