Poet Abbas Amini granted asylum in England


Abbas Amini who protested energetically against the injustices in the way Britain treats asylum seekers will be granted refugee status and allowed to stay in Britain.

The poet victim of torture during six years in prison in Iran. in solidarity of other asylum seekers He has spent eight days without food and water and has refused to take any medicine.

“I think the Home Office ought to come out with a full apology, not just to me, but to all asylum seekers for the way they have been treated,” he said.

The poet is a Kurd who was most of the time under-arrest and jailed in his country for his political views and for writing. The Government accused him of spreading anti- governmental poetry. He escaped from Iran two years ago and arrived in Britain in a truck, and applied for asylum claiming of being tortured in Iran, but his application was opposed by the Home Office. But early last week when interviewed, a Home Office spokesman said early last week that his case has been approved and he will be given the refugee status.