Operation Manba by a french General in Bunia(R.D.Congo)


The multinational Force for restoration of the peace in the northeast of the RDCongo, that must be deployed in the field “over the weekend”, will be leaded by the French general John paul Tonier and will have for name “operation Mamba” in Bunia, announced Wednesday the supreme commandment of the french army.

General Henri Bentégeat, after approval of the minister of the Defense, the president of the Republic designated General Jean Paul Tonier as Chief of the

“The operation will be called “operation Mamba”, name of a snake that is find in the region..

Between 700 French will take part in this multinational force of 1.400 to 1.500 men, of which the security council of the U.N approved on Friday last week, resulting from the
bloody inter-ethnic clashes.

Besides men of the special forces, batallions will be supported the french air force composed “Mirages 2000D”, “Mirages F1” and “ravitailleurs C135”.

N.B. Mamba is the CROCODILE name in Swahili.