Norway chief cop in campaign against criminality


The head of Norway’s National Bureau of Crime Investigation (Kripos) is calling for stronger criminal penalties and even new limits on immigration. He claims that’s necessary if the country is to gain control over its rising crime rate. It’s a bold position in a country known for its liberal politics and relatively lenient treatment of criminals. Arne Huuse of Kripos simply doesn’t think these policies are working. ” Much of Norway’s violent crime is tied to drunkenness and drug use among ethnic Norwegians as well as immigrants. Hardly a week goes by without reports of drunken brawls, domestic violence or stabbings carried out by assailants under the influence, with some Norwegians almost laughingly attributing it all to their Viking heritage.

Huuse’s comments, however, come in the wake of a string of recent crimes directly linked to Norway’s immigrant community. A shooting at Oslo’s main airport last month involved two Pakistani gangs that constantly seek revenge against each other, claiming they must restore their “honor.” Two Libyan refugees, meanwhile, are charged with the murder of an elderly Salvation Army worker in Haugesund the weekend before.

“We need a better balance between Norwegians and foreigners.”He said. “Many of our new countrymen do adapt to our norms and rules,” he added. He also said Norway needs tougher laws and criminal penalties, especially in dealing with gangs.

Source: Dagbladet