The world only living saint

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It was a big bash and a global news event. The rich and famous from all over the world, including Hollywood stars and former US president Bill Clinton and his wife Senator Hillary Clinton, were in South Africa to celebrate the 85th birthday of MANDELA.

Hard is the truth; With every birthday, the reality dawns that Mandela, who now uses a cane to support himself, will not
be around for many more years. Though he has been out of power for four years now, Mandela is still regarded as the glue that holds South African’s emerging multicultural democracy together.

What will happen then after Mandela? That is the big quetion in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Mandela is the only African president who was popularly elected to office and stepped down after only one term in 1999.

The wisest lesson that Mandela give to African Leader is Always leave power when the people still love you. When you wait until they hate you, then you cannot leave because you would not be safe.

This poor appetite for power, and Mandela’s ability to offer a hand of reconciliation to elements of the white supremacist regime who jailed him for nearly 30 years sets him apart from many politicians -not just in Africa, but in world

The fact that he is tall, handsome, and charismatic has brought with it great brand value too, no doubt. But it is in admitting mortality, and accepting that life can go on without him that sets him apart.

Mandela didn’t rule for the five years he was in office. He delegated most presidential powers to his deputy, now president, Thabo Mbeki.

Those who were in doubt about his intention were astounded when, on more than one occasion, Mandela was asked questions as president, and replied firmly: asked Mbeki. the let the world wish : Happy 85th Mandela.