A Black Pope for Rome

A Nigerian cardinal has been mentioned frequently as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II but few in Africa
believe the Roman Catholic Church will support a black

In the meantime Nigerians clergy are looking forward to see the African dream being held on Top through Arinze replacing the Hold current Pope. After Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu or Koffi Anan both Peace Nobel Price then what could impossible for African? Said Reverend Buye, Parish Prest in Uganda

“A black man will not be pope after the current one,” Reuters.

On Tuesday, the Church’s College of Cardinals gathered 31 new cardinal whohailed before the Pope. Amongs the 135 cardinals invited, one will succeed John Paul II as new Leader of the one billion Catholics around the globe.

Observers think that the Italian cardinals will not allow an non Italian Pope as they have lost it for now 25 years; the Europeans will want to keep it. However controversy planing in the head church allegation, still The church is a strategic political organ for the west.

But today all Africans wait from far beyond the horizon of the Catholic Church, what surprise the church will come up with and remenbering that from all the time the history of Africa the Church as played a great role.

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