Hatred or religious History


The online forum originally destined to enpower a teaching project have been directed to spread a climat of hatred and intolerance. University of Oslo has removed the offensive links and discussion but the chat, which contains anti-Semitic and segregationist conversations, remains online, though with restricted access, according to Aftenposten.

-This testifies to a shockingly low intellectual level among students, even for pure anti-Semitism. This is a toilet wall debate, and the question is whether the university wants to be a toilet wall. It is an embarrassment to UiO that they have not managed to promote a better atmosphere for discussion than this, Monitor editor Tor Bach, an expert on extreme right-wing groups, told the student paper, Universitas.

The university’s relevant student parliament contact, Torgeir Joergensen, condemned public discrimination and racism on university education web pages and demanded UiO implement a system to monitor their chat pages. The university agreed that ethical guidelines had been violated and the offending students have been warned and threatened with expulsion if there is repeat behavior.

Source: Aftenposten