Tsunami kills more than 138,000


Deaths by country:

Indonesia: 79,906, with another 3,598 missing.

Sri Lanka: 43,664. Sri Lankan officials say 27,008 have died in non-rebel-held areas. Tamil Tiger rebel officials say 16,656 were killed in the island’s rebel-controlled north and east and 18,481 are missing.

India: At least 10,000

Thailand: 4,812. Thai prime minister says toll could exceed 8,000. 6,541 are still missing, more than 3,000 of them Swedish tourists.

Malaysia: 66

Maldives: 46

Myanmar: 90

Tanzania: 10

Bangladesh: 2

Somalia: Kenyan media reports hundreds dead.

Kenya: Kenyan media reports one death.

Seychelles: Unconfirmed reports of deaths.