The money that could be use to save lives, being used to destroy lives


In the case of Africa, it is difficult to understand that the funds that can be used to save lives is actually being used to destroy other lives, when you live on less than $1 /day it becomes stupid that someone could be talking about billions for waging an unjustified war.

The Bush and the Blair have gone ahead without the consent of the UN Security Council.
Many have likened the present war on Iraq to the Nazi regime in Germany during the 2nd world war. With the determination of Bush to go to war it is not difficult to see why.

Within this disaccord in the global political system lies a deep crisis of the global economy, a explosion of global poverty and underdevelopment, and the looming threat of environmental calamity. And as usual Africa will be the first victim of all these world diseases and its numerous problems of poverty, health, and hunger.

As if this is not enough, Bush is going to ask congress for $75 billion to continue the war he started. Imagine what this kind of money could do to Africa. For starters, it would help save millions of lives of people with AIDS, it would help cancel our debt, it would help avert the hunger in countries such as Ethiopia and all in all it would do a wonders to help develop Africa, a noble cause that any leader would be proud of. It is sad that the money that can be used to save lives is being used to destroy other lives.