Militarism mines world’s health


According to John Rourke (International Politics on the World Stage),”The UN and its associated agencies, such as UNICEF, annually have about 81 cents per human to spend on economic and social development. The world defence ministries have about $135 per human for military expenditures.

The amount spent on human rights work in the UN system. With The total budget of the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights at About $50 million a year, that is about 0.014 percent of the $355.5 billion defence budget adopted by the U.S. alone in October 2002.

The US defence budget is well over $350 billion a year. UNICEF’s budget is about one billion dollars a year. UNICEF has to deal with the fact that over ten million children die
Before their fifth birthday every year. And it must also deal with a wide variety of other problems of children, including child labour, child soldiers, diseases, etc. Terrorism kills at most a few thousand people every year. It has never reached as high as ten thousand in a single year. How much is being spent in the war against terrorism, and how much is spent to
Combat the annual wholly predictable children’s holocaust?