Norwegian society must not generalize


I am saddened by the opinion of most young or old people in the country about foreigners. I am against blanket condemnation of races, groups, and nationalities. May I offer subjection on why there are more (according to the general view) more foreigners in Norway engaged in activities of a less honorable nature? First of all, Foreigners are coming mostly from very populous countries. I doubt if the proportion of foreigners engaged in criminal activities in relation to those making an honest living in Norway is larger than that of the local population who do drug and illegal activities. And at least the first, on my own experience, the person who came across me to talk about any illegal or secret deal; he is surely not a foreigner.

People are living with different stereotypes about us and they end hating us without to know us. In the 28th April during a meeting with refugees; the Police Chief of Klæbu said: his district was clean of racism and added that Norway was one of the best country to leave in (we agree on that) because of its lowest rate of criminality but however according to their statistics more criminals act have issued from migrants. And not far than that an African journalist working with Utrop was seriously aggressed by a 25-year-old Norwegian on race motives. The aggressor was escorted to his residence and nothing comes since.

I am wondering if the police and the society are doing the right thing to let such a Criminal and many others unpunished only because they are whites. I urge the society, the politicians, and our leaders in all level to refrain from such generalizations. Those of us who live in Norway suffer from such generalizations because the black color increasingly gets identified with rape, murder, and drugs. People have to remember that the time of colonization or slavery is over. We have to open the door to conciliation and restoration. Let us work together in unity whatever our cultural background or race, as flowers in a delighted garden, and let us push forward our beloved country “Norway”, in the right direction of perfection and true development. Then God bless the people and the country.