Innovation Norway’s personnel abroad to be integrated into the foreign service


Today Innovation Norway has 210 people working abroad, some of who are employed in Norway and posted abroad while others are locally employed. These people were previously employed in the Norwegian Trade Council and the Norwegian Tourist Board. The company has representatives in more than 30 countries. The administrative procedures in this connection are scheduled to be completed during the spring.

The head of mission has the overall responsibility for the activities of the mission as a whole, including those related to the Norwegian business sector. However, as in the case of other agencies with representatives at Norwegian foreign missions, Innovation Norway will instruct its personnel at such missions in matters that fall within its sphere.

The integration of Innovation Norway personnel will not affect the co-operation projects the company is currently involved in. This means that clients may use the same contact persons as before.

The agreement is an innovative one, which is designed to improve the co-ordination of all Norwegian efforts to promote Norwegian business interests abroad. The embassies will give high priority to these efforts.