Shock new jail images in Iraq


Video clips and hundreds of photos, as well as 13 witness statements taken from detainees at the prison, have been obtained by The Washington Post newspaper.

Video clips include US soldiers forcing naked Iraqis into a pyramid; five hooded and naked Iraqis forced to masturbate while two others kneel at their feet.

The hundreds of photographs include a soldier’s cocked fist aimed at a prisoner’s head, and a naked man covered in a brown substance in a corridor while a baton-wielding guard watches.

The pictures appeared to be those shown by the Pentagon to members of the US Congress in secrecy more than a week ago. More have since been discovered.

The statements taken in January by US investigators cover 65 pages and detail a fuller catalogue of the abuses blamed so far on seven guards. Jasim Mehaddi Hilas told investigators he had seen an army translator rape a boy he estimated to be 15-18 years old.

“The kid was hurting very bad,” he said.