International Symposium: “Historical Perspectives on Science and Islam”


 The participants will present professional perspectives on the history of Islamic science, but also discuss problems of popularization and propaganda in relation to exhibitions like «Sultans of Science» and «1001 Inventions».

While some criticism of these popular exhibitions is warranted from an academic point of view, a parallel and highly politicized critique is also prominent within the international anti-Islamic discourse. Professional research in the history of science is being blurred with propaganda and political agendas within both pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic discourses. What is the role for professional historians of science in such debates? And how can museums and exhibitions present historical material which challenge and confront both historical anachronism and cultural stereotypes? 

The main ambition of the symposium is to present a series of exemplars of professional research by internationally acknowledged scholars in the history of Islamic science, technology and medicine. The symposium will also stage a public debate on problems of popularization and political propaganda related to science and Islam both in popular exhibitions and academic scholarship more generally. 



Contact: Vidar Enebakk 

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