Polsk kino

Lørdag 29. mars kl 20.20 kommer året Short Waves Festival til Cinemateket. De arrangerer en visning av de syv beste polske filmene som er med i årets Short Waves Grand Prix Tour. 

Between the 14th and the 30th of March, Short Waves will travel across cinemas and venues of the world. Short Waves Grand Prix 2014 features 7 of the best Polish films selected from almost 280 submitted titles. Each of them fully represent the selectors’ most important criterion: artistic quality. Each of them is also a story told in a different way and through various means of expression. That is why we do not hesitate to present them all over the world and at the same time we want you to take the matter in your hands. Choose the best film. The set is to be presented in numerous cities in Poland and all over the world from March 14th until March 30th.