Poverty, human rights and humanity


As all the holy Books of Great Religions argued that man is created in the image of God. That implies that human beings must respect each other. Slavery, racism, exploitation, and all sorts of human right violation have to be eradicated and denounced according to these ancient words of wisdom. Wars and poverty in the world specially in Africa are caused by the will of greedy Westerners and national dictators.

Such multinational conspiracy has been devouring Africa and Africans for decades. It seems that we have now found the enemy. Naturally we are the enemy. We take the diamond, the gold, the uranium, and their other raw materials, and we give the poor African the “poverty reduction program.”

The consequences are that billions of dollars are swallowed into the pockets of the world-class dictators in the name of the poor people they ill-represent. To qualify as representatives of the poor the latter have to conspire with the exploiters, mafioso and greedy Westerners and their agents. Mrs. Mary Robinson said it once: Poverty is a human right issue. We have to work on a policy of transformation locally and abroad. Locally, towards changing the minds and the hearts of the egoist merchants and abroad, towards changing the might of the dictators and imperialist. And by sharing Opportunities, we shall develop sense of trust and security. That must include sharing information, education, exchange of technology and mutual assistance with our fellow men and women, as The Late Poet and President of Senegal Leopold.S.Senghor said: “A rendez-vous of giving and receiving”for humanity.