‘Little progress’ in nuclear talks


Participants in the talks – which brought together the Koreas, the US, Japan, China and Russia – cited the civil, businesslike tone of the negotiations as one of their biggest achievements, although host China said there was an “extreme lack of trust”.

“The US delegation did not have an attitude to resolve the nuclear issue through peaceful negotiations,” Kim said in a rare news conference at North Korea’s cloistered embassy in Beijing.

The US has repeatedly demanded comprehensive dismantling of the North’s nuclear program and refuses to grant concessions if Pyongyang freezes the program but does not abolish it.

Later, at the embassy, he reiterated what the North has said repeatedly – that the United States must “abandon its hostile policy”.

Kim repeated Pyongyang’s denials that his country acquired nuclear secrets from Pakistan through an underground network, though he acknowledged it sold missiles “to earn cash”.

“Our policy of energy is based on natural uranium,” Kim said. “It has nothing to do with highly enriched uranium. We have no highly enriched uranium. We have no facilities, scientists or technicians related to highly enriched uranium.”