9/11 attacks ‘finalised in Spain’


At a “terrorist summit” in Tarragona between July 9 and 17, 2001, the alleged head of the suicide squads was reported to have briefed secret contacts on attack plans for onpassing to the Al-Qaeda leadership, the paper reported.

It said the Al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan had not been informed of the exact date set for the September 11 attacks until the end of August or the beginning of September, less than two weeks before they took place.

Four days before the suicide attacks, Ramzi Binalshibh, believed to be Al-Qaeda’s second in command, had returned to Spain, “picked up a false passport and fled to Kabul”. The passport had been supplied by Khaled Madani, an Algerian remanded in custody in Spain last week for alleged collaboration with Al-Qaeda, it said.

Madani was arrested on February 23 in eastern Spain at the same time as Moussa Laouar, another Algerian who has also been remanded in custody on the same charges.