Seminar: Forced return to Afghanistan – humanitarian perspectives


Norwegian Red Cross wishes to shed light on the situation for returnees in Afghanistan, based on research as well as insight from humanitarian actors. We invite you to join our breakfast seminar with the following panel:

· Dr. Arne Strand, Chr. Michelsen Institute
· Ms. Olivia Mocanasu, UNHCR
· Dr. Nassim Majidi, Samuel Hall
· Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken, Peace Research Institute, Oslo
· Representatives of Afghanistan Red Crescent

When: May 22nd 2017 09.00 – 10.45
Where: Norwegian Red Cross, Hausmannsgate7, Oslo.
Attendance is free of charge, yet all participants must register by May 18th here:ødekors/events/forced-return-to-afghanistan–humanitarian-perspectives/register
Coffee and a light breakfast will be served from 08.30

The story about young Afghan asylum seekers has increasingly become a story about return. The Norwegian government has also emphasized the importance of return policies, seeking to increase the number of deportations. This includes deportations to Afghanistan, a country where the humanitarian situation has worsened in the past few years. The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is debated, and only a few years ago Afghan asylum seekers in Norway would have obtained the right to stay on humanitarian grounds. Indeed, the protection rate for unaccompanied minors in Norway has dropped from 99% in 2015 to 34% so far in 2017.

The increased focus on deportation has clear negative implications on the well-being of Afghan asylum seekers. Red Cross Volunteers in Norway report of depression, unrest and a sense of hopelessness in the reception centres for unaccompanied minors. Many young people disappear and leave Norway to live in destitution in other European countries, vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. The situation for those deported to Afghanistan is also much debated, yet factual knowledge about the situation upon return is limited.