Indian Singing workshop in Oslo with Madhumita Ray


Madhumita begins with Hindustani classical voice culture. She teaches us how to open the voice and produce a clear sound that does not distort. Also how to produce the voice from different parts of the body and create different kinds of tone, according to the musical style you are working with.

From her deep knowledge, years of study and a lifetimes experience she will then teach something of the history and theory of Indian classical music. She will teach participants a range of Indian melodies, including a classical raga, and from the semi-classical thumri and dadra, and lastly a song from devotional music.

In the third part of the workshop Madhumita moves from melody to rhythm, and we learn how to co-ordinate the melody with the subtle rhythms of the tabla.

Madhumita is a warm and experienced teacher, as well as performer and composer, and she will be bringing her latest CD which has just been released. She has performed in USA, Canada, UK. Germany, Switzerland and Norway. She has a great knowledge of Indian stories and has been working with Norwegian Jazz musicians and Storytelling.

Cost: 750 kr.

Venue: Fortellerhuset, Collettsgate 55 D, Oslo.

Påmelding på [email protected] eller ring 415 67 362