Africa´s Triple Threat

Foto: Wikimedia Commons
Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab & Al Qaeda in the Maghreb and Sahel.

We would like to welcome you to this seminar. Ou main topics will be the rise of transnational and jihadist movements on the continent.


* Imam Ibrahim Saidy, from the Darusalam Islamic Centre.
* Samia Nkrumah, chairwoman of the Conevntion People´s Party (Ghana).
* Morten Bøas, research professor, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).
* Emanuel Ogbunwezeh (Dr.), head of the Africa Department of the International Society for Human Rights in Frankfurt (Germany).
* Stig Jarle Hansen, associate professor, Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Ås.
* Mohamed Hussein Gaas, PhD Fellow at UMD & Reasearch Fellow at FAFO.
* Brynjar Lia, Research Professor, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).