Call for participation – ITRH – Pakistan


The initiative for this training is based on the fact that the continued existance and rapidly increasing conflicts, wars, famine, disease and other natural and man-made disasters around the world have created large populations of refugees and displaced people.

The ITRH is an eight-day training, where the participants will be introduced to the basic skills and knowledge of refugee health issues, exposed to the health conditions of refugees and introduced to providing health-care using limited resources. In addition medical students will be reminded of their responsibility as the primary spokespersons for the ailing whose voices are often not heard.
The deadline for applying for this international training on refugee health is the 15th of June 2003. We must receive the applications by this date.

Late applications will not be accepted so please send in your applications well in advance…

For more information about the training please visit

or write to [email protected]

The application form can be found at the website mentioned above.