Who can apply: Agencies, Chambers – Associations – Development NGOs – Federations, Unions – Local and Regional authorities – Research centres – Schools – Training centres – Universities

* Regions concerned: EU Member States, Mediterranean countries

Details of the call:

* Reference: EuropeAid/120698/C/G

Budget line 19.080201

* Global budget: 5.7 Million Euros

* Amount awarded per project: entre 50 000 et 500 000 Euros

* Closing date(s): January 26 2005

* Priorities and financed activities:


– Build the capacity within societies to transform and overcome the conflict

– Help create conditions conducive to re-launching the peace process

– Provide a solid foundation for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East

Future co-operation must be based on equality and reciprocity between Arabs (not only Palestinians but also including the whole region) and Israelis, including the Arab-Palestinian minority in Israel, and on promoting among others activities within the respective societies.

Areas of intervention:

1. Educating communities about concepts and skills for dealing with conflict and for promoting peace

– the promotion of concepts and skills necessary for constructively deal with conflict in general and at promoting peace within communities; initiatives which promote conflict transformation through knowing “the other” better through dialogue, particularly at the grassroots level and through inter alia embedding ideas of peace within key groups,

– exposing actors to new concepts of conflict resolution,

– creation of cross-boundary understandings of shared humanity and shared interests, enhancing willingness for reconsideration and reconciliation,

– exploring and pursuing possibilities of dialogue,

– fostering desire for peace. Conflict transformation is about creating an arena where alternatives can be discussed and be seen to have a chance of adoption.

2. Clarifying issues that will need to be settled in final status negotiations Initiatives that help clarify issues such as

– the very nature of a future Palestinian State in all of its aspects

– the future territorial shape of the Middle East,

– the question of refugees, the issue of Jerusalem,

– the question of borders and settlements,

– the crucial problem of access to natural resources, particularly water

Financed actions:

Innovative approaches and activities related to the sectors or themes ·Awareness Raising Campaigns ·Creation and / or fostering of communication and co-operation networks ·Creating of communication tools ·Studies and Research activities ·Development of services ·Training activities ·Educational activities ·Capacity building ·Activities related to social and economic interventions.

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