Yet – the question of whether or not the new Government also
represents a significant political change is unanswered. Human rights
violations continue and members of Zimbabwean civil society has expressed
concern that the MDC is taking its popular support base for granted and that
the party seems too comfortable in position.

After 100 days; Does the new government represent the first step towards
a more democratic Zimbabwe? Or is it merely another example of silencing the
opposition by giving it position without influence?

And furthermore: What, if anything, can the international society, and
Norway in particular, do to promote democracy in Zimbabwe? How should we
relate to the new Government? As new members of the UN Human-rights
committee and with a long standing relationship to the African nation
– does Norway have a special role to play in this regard?

Panelists: Tor Hugne Olsen, Coordinator, Human Rights Forum
International and previous researcher on Amnesty International’s
Zimbabwe desk.

Chenjerai Hove, Well known Zimbabwean author, intellectual and
activist currently residing in Stavanger.

Chair: Magnus Bjørnsen, Director,Norwegian Council for Africa.

Venue: Solidaritetshuset, Osterhausgata 27, Oslo.

Thursday 28.05.09, 12.00 to 14.00. A light lunch will be served.