Maoistene og krigen i Nepal


This is a documentary about the Maoist movement and war in Nepal. The film describes the ongoing conflict; the reasons
behind it and the implications for the Nepalese. “Killing Terraces” focuses on the opinions and experiences of both the Maoists and the common people involved in and affected by the war.

Sanjeev Pokharel (Universitetet i Bergen) holder foredrag: “The Maoist war in Nepal”. After six years of the Maoist’s “People’s War”, the Nepalese nation is in deep crisis. Can the Maoists become a desirable alternative to the present establishment? What will happen if the Maoists really win and
Nepal becomes a communist state? Pokharel will look into the politics and poetics of the ongoing war. He will point out aspects that illustrate the possible reasons behind the “success” of the armed struggle and will argue that it is erroneous to explain the “success” and expansion of the “People’s War” simply in terms of economic poverty, exploitation, ethnic conflicts and geographical diversity. These factors might have fueled the war, but not caused it. The reasons lie elsewhere.

For mer info: Kirsten I. Greiner, Norge-Nepal foreningen, e-post:
[email protected] eller Kristine Alsvik, e-post: [email protected]