India i det 21 århundre


Indian foreign policy may change if the Congress Party gets back into
power. In the light of the dramatic situation in Kashmir and the high
levels of violent conflict in the local region – where India is the Great
Power – any change or adjustment to Indian foreign policy may have critical
effects both regionally and internationally.

In this PRIO seminar, Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi’s closest foreign
policy adviser, K. Natwar Singh, will present his views and insights on
Indian foreign policy. Singh will focus especially on India’s relationship
with the USA, Pakistan and China in a changing world. He will also present
his views on major internal issues, such as the issue of secularism vs
religious-based politics.

K. Natwar Singh has a long career history in which he has oscillated
between politics and high-level diplomacy. Many observers expect him to be
the next minister of foreign affairs in India. He is currently a member of
the Indian parliament and foreign policy adviser to the president of the
Congress Party. K. Natwar Singh belongs to the Nehru school of political
thought and is widely respected both as a political philosopher and as a

Chair: Stein Tønnesson, Director, PRIO

Discussant: Erik Solheim, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Venue: PRIO, Fuglehauggaten 11, Oslo

Date: 11 December 2002


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