NMU arrangerer seminar om menneskerettigheter og islam


Dette er en unik mulighet til å høre på Murad Hofman i Oslo.

Noen fakta om Murad Hofman:

He was born near Frankfurt, Germany, in 1931 and studied German and American law, sociology, and economics at Union College, Schenectady, New York; Munich University; and Harvard Law School. Professionally, he worked in the German foreign service for 33 years, retiring at 63 in 1994. His last postings were: Director of Information for NATO (Brussels). German Ambassador in Algeria (1987-1990) and Morocco (1990-1994). He became a Muslim in 1982 and performed

Hajj (1992; 2004) and seven times Umrah (first one in 1982).

His 10 books on Islam are mostly translated from German into English and Arabic, some in other languages like Bosnian, Albanian, and Malayalam. His best known books are; Diary of a German Muslim; Islam: The Alternative; Journey to Makkah; Islam in the 3rd Millenium.