Towards a Humanist Justice


Strive to live in accordance with truly humanist principles of justice.

Toward a Humanist Justice:

A Conference Honoring and Examining the Work of Susan Moller Okin.

Thursday, Feb. 3

Welcome: 1:45pm

Session 1: 2pm

Elizabeth Wingrove, Michigan

Of Women and Linchpins:

Okin’s Contributions to Political Thought

Comments: Carole Pateman, UCLA

Session 2: 3:45pm

Joshua Cohen, MIT

Demolition: Susan Okin on Feminist


Comments: Corey Brettschneider, Brown

Friday, Feb. 4

Session 3: 9am

Chandran Kukathas, Utah

The Dilemma of a Dutiful Daughter: Love and Freedom in the Thought of Kartini

Comments: Eamonn Callan, Stanford

Session 4: 10:45am

John Tomasi, Brown

Another Feminism: Some Other Women in Western Political Thought Comments: Russell Hardin, NYU

Session 5: 2pm

Robert Keohane, Princeton

Reinventing Globalization to Reduce

Gender Inequality

Comments: Judith Goldstein, Stanford

Session 6: 3:45pm

Iris Marion Young, Chicago

The Gendered Cycle of Vulnerability in the Less Developed World Comments: Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt

Saturday, Feb. 5

Session 7: 9am

Nancy Rosenblum, Harvard

Okin’s Liberal Feminism as a Radical

Political Theory

Comments: Rob Reich, Stanford

Session 8: 10:45am

David Miller, Oxford

Equality of Opportunity and the Family

Comments: Debra Satz, Stanford

Session 9: 2pm

Ayelet Shachar, Toronto

Gender and Religion:

Tearing the Veil of False Dichotomies

Comments: Catharine A. MacKinnon,

Michigan Law School

Session 10: 3:45pm

Molly Shanley, Vassar

Imagining Okin’s Genderless Society

Comments: Sally Haslanger, MIT

To register for all or part of the conference please visit:

Location for all sessions:

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center

326 Galvez Street

Stanford, CA 94305-6105