Seminar: The Scramble for Africa’s oil


West Africa has become one of the strategic suppliers of oil to the United States, Europe and Asia. International companies, including the Norwegian Statoil, have set their eyes on the vast opportunities for extraction of oil and investments in Africa. Oil companies plan to invest 33 billion dollars in the region, and it is estimated that 20 percent of all oil imports to the USA in 2010 will come from West Africa.

The seminar looks at the new geo strategic role of West Africa and will discuss the consequences for Africa. How do Norwegian companies react to Africa’s oil Klondyke? How does the oil production affect the situation in Nigeria — one of the largest oil producers on the continent?


Øystein Noreng , Professor in Petroleum Economics, Norwegian School of Management, BI

Eivind Magnus , Director, Energy and Environment, Econ Analyse

Cyril Obi , Guest Researcher, Nordic Africa Institute

Marianne Tønnesen , Foreign Affairs Journalist, Vårt Land (Chair)

The seminar is organised by the Norwegian Council for Africa and U-landsseminaret. Ulandsseminaret is a seminar series every Tuesday at the University of Oslo, organised by the Center for Development and Environment (SUM) and SAIH.

The seminar lasts two hours, including an open debate in the second half of the seminar. The seminars are open for all.

Venue: Organisers: Ulandsseminaret and the Norwegian Council for Africa (Fellesrådet for Afrika )