Beyond Identity Politics?


registration deadline: 1 October.

are Stockholm University, Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (NTNU) and Nordic Centre of Excellence: Reassessing the
Nordic Welfare Model.

Location: Stockholm University, Frescati campus

politics has occupied academic debate since the latter part of the 20th
century and the demand for recognition of minority group identities and
a will to combat discrimination have been at the core of the
philosophy. During this period however, we have witnessed a backlash in
acceptance for identity politics, as well for multiculturalism. The
conference hopes to bring together those with an interest in the
historical and current discussion concerning the issues of identity
politics and multiculturalism, and aims to explore what can exist
“beyond” this philosophy in terms of various forms of universalism.

Confirmed speakers and presentations:
Professor Tariq Modood (Bristol University, UK): Civic Multiculturalism: Still too Particularistic?
Professor Melissa S. Williams (Toronto University, Canada): The Politics of Post 9/11 Multiculturalism in Canada
Professor Mark Halstead (University of Huddersfield, UK): Cultural Identity after the death of Multiculturalism
Lennard J. Davis (University of Illinois at Chicago & University of
Illinois College of Medicine, USA): Bio cultural bodies: A view from
the Plateau of Diversity
Professor John Wrench ( FRA/EUMC- Vienna):  Diversity and Discrimination in European Labour Markets
Dr. Jackie Leach Scully, ( Reader at Newcastle University, UK): Let´s play nice: Ties and Tensions in Politics of Disability
Professor Per Mouritsen (Aarhus University, Denmark): The Liberal Plateau: The Civic Integrationist Turn in Western Europe

Registration deadline 1 October 2009 (new), deadline for papers: 15 September 2009. Send to: [email protected]  

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