Dr Dahlia Wasfi in Norway


Dr Wasfi is known for her work in ending the occupation
of Iraq, as well as pulling troops from Haiti and Afghanistan. She is
an Iraqi-American who travelled to Iraq to visit her father’s family
and saw first hand the devastation and despair after the invasion by
coalition forces.
She is actively involved in Winter Soldiers and holds speeches all
across the US on bringing US troops home. Dr Wasfi does not believe
that the occupation of Iraq is over yet and is sceptical to the
“puppet” government in Iraq.

Dr Wasfi would like to meet as many people as possible who are
interested in meeting people in Norway. She can also hold talks if
You can contact her on: [email protected] or contact me directly mob: 48159412.

Watch her here:

Interview with Dr Wasfi on the new world order and the impact of foreign policies

Dr Dahlia will be in a open panel discussion with Dr Mads Gilbert
after the Rachel Corrie film.