Deconstructing the War on Terror


Dr Erik Fosse (Assisted the injured in Gaza together with Mads Gilbert)

George Galloway (British MP and talkshow host)

Elisabeth Eide (Researcher and writer)

Yvonne Ridley (Peace activist, journalist, was kidnapped by Taliban while in Afghanistan)

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad (Univ. Stratchlyde – researcher)

Massoud Shadjareh (Chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission UK)

September 2001 is widely viewed as the day the world change. Not only
were the attacks on the Twin Towers a horrific act of terrorism, but
the months and years after have been mired by increasing conflicts,
leading to international and domestic repercussions for Nations-states.

language of the ‘war on terror’ has been globalized, and has now been
incorporated into the political rhetoric by countries not directly
involved in the 911 events, to forward their political aims. This in
turn has further escalated the fabricated tensions between East and
West, which plays in the hands of those who might want to profit from
such a conflict.

The seminar has been undertaken to
discuss these so-called existing tensions and divides which are so
often referred to as the ‘clash of civilizations’. “Deconstructing the
War on Terror” gives an opportunity to prominent speakers to expand the
debate on many prevalent issues that now form key international
relations issues. With current events such as the decimation of Iraq,
Mumbai attacks, Israel´s reoccupation of Gaza, Guntanamo injustices
there is a need for a renewed dialog and discourse.

Topics of discussion:

  • Palestinian-Israeli conflict and recent Gaza siege
  • When is military intervention necessary?
  • The media’s impact on political debates and people’s perception of «the other»
  • Racism and Islamophobia as a result of the ‘War on Terror’
  • Underestimating the fatality numbers in Iraq
  • The impact of think tanks
  • The effects of war, women rights and in direct conflict zones and the displaced
  • Military strategies pertaining to the ‘War on Terror’
  • Iran and stability in the Middle East
  • Civilian human rights in the West and in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Militarizing academia
  • Nato in Afghanistan – rethinking strategies
  • Pakistan and India – terrorism in both countries

Yvonne Ridley will be showing her new documentary film about Guantanomo and Bangram prison.


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